Derrick Reimer


Last updated January 21, 2023

It’s winter in Minneapolis, which means nature is attempting to kill me every time I step out the door. Good thing I have a startup (SavvyCal) to keep me busy!

When I’m not working, I’m spending a lot of time in the kitchen these days. I’m enforcing a habit of daily exercise and very much enjoying the physical & mental benefits. I’m reading works of Christian apologetics (Lewis, Chesterton, et al.).

Last year, I subtracted a few things to make space for new & neglected things.

This year, my goal is to optimize for focus. As impactful as Twitter has been for my career, I don’t want to be a social media-induced dopamine addict, unable to focus on a hard task for longer than 30 seconds without jumping to Twitter for my next fix. The Twitter app has been off my phone since the beginning of the year, which has proven pretty effective at breaking the mindless habit of checking it all the time.

There are seasons to consume – to restock one’s brain with information and inspiration – and there are seasons to build – to cut out most of the distractions and throw your effort behind your primary initiative.

I’m in a building season.