Announcing: The Art of Product Podcast

Since August 2016, I’ve had the pleasure of being a regular guest co-host on Giant Robots Smashing into Other Giant Robots along with Ben Orenstein. I’ve been a long-time podcast consumer, but was initially reluctant to try my hand at recording myself. After some healthy prodding from Ben, I agreed to try a few episodes and, lo and behold, we’ve been recording ever since.

A few weeks ago, Ben dropped the news to me that he was moving on from Thoughtbot to start his own business. This left us an interesting new storyline to tell and no podcast on which to tell it!

So in true scrappy bootstrapper form, The Art of Product podcast was born. We plan to release one ~30 minute episode per week and continue with the same format from Giant Robots, discussing whatever interesting things we’ve been up to recently.

Have a listen and leave us a 5-star review in iTunes if you dig it!